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About our services

  • How can I make the digital value chain work for me? For which purposes is it suitable?

    With our digital value chain you create wholly new possibilities for solving procurement problems, for reducing missing parts and also for delivering components on demand. In doing so you harness the benefits of digital transformation and incorporate them in your company. Actively advance in the direction of a digital parts warehouse and generate better data quality for your company at the same time.

  • For whom are these workshops and services suitable?

    The workshops and services we offer are suitable mainly for businesses in a B2B environment.
    With our workshops and webinars we first create a basic understanding of the individual topic areas around our digital value chain in the additive production environment. First and foremost, we would like to provide you with some important guidelines.
    In the context of our services, we are your all-in-one contact for additive manufacturing and everything that goes with it. We deal with your enquiries, take care of the processing and provide you with finished results. We also like to call it our "all-round carefree package".

  • How quickly are dates for individual workshops/webinars available?

    Dates are flexible and can be booked individually by prior arrangement. We will be happy to take your preferred dates into account.

  • What is the price for a workshop/webinar?

    Our prices are calculated individually on the basis of each enquiry. We will draw up a suitable offer tailored to your own requirements and wishes.

  • What is the price for the services you offer?

    If you are interested in our services we will be happy to draw up an individual offer for you. It depends on the type and scope of the request.

  • Can services also be used independently of a workshop/webinar?

    In principle, the services we offer within the framework of part screening and the services around additive preparation can also be used without participating in a workshop or webinar. Participating in a workshop or webinar, however, will give you a better understanding of the general subject matter and the background to the actual service. You can gain insight in the possibilities and potential we can offer you with our individual subject areas, which enables you to make an even more targeted use of the full potential of the digital value chain.
    Our modules relating to the subject area of the digital parts warehouse, on the other hand, require the prior mandatory booking of a webinar. Here you will not only receive important basic information, you will also become acquainted with the operation of the online tool developed for it.

  • Do I have to use the complete digital value chain or can individual modules be selected, too?

    In principle all the modules of our digital value chain are based on one another. We accompany the entire value chain with you step by step along the way for the additive transformation in your company.
    Of course, the individual modules and components can also be booked flexibly and as required, so that you receive precisely those services that accrue added value for you.
    Contact us if you are interested! We will be happy to advise you and find the right starting points together with you.

  • Are the workshops held in my company?

    Due to the individual structuring of our workshops and the special adjustment to your needs, we are also flexible in the final design while adhering to certain framework conditions.
    For some topics, we recommend on-site implementation and would be happy to come to your company in person for a workshop. For other modules, online-based appointments in the form of a webinar are the most suitable option.

Procedure and contact

  • How does the enquiry procedure unfold?

    If you are interested in one of our offers, please contact us using our contact form. We will then get in touch with you and explain the possibilities in an initial discussion, as part of which we will also take on-board your interests.
    In the case of more in-depth interest, the next stage takes the form of a quotation with a subsequent commissioning process.

  • How is the payment process for workshops, webinars and services managed?

    After commissioning an offer and its successful completion you will receive a corresponding invoice from us. Payment via credit card, PayPal or in cash is not available. Thank you for your understanding.

  • Contact and customer service?

    Thanks to our agile style of work with shallow hierarchies and our work in topic-specific scrum teams we are in a position to react fast and flexibly to enquiries of all kinds and to give you feedback at short notice here too.

Specific questions on additive manufacturing

  • What types of 3D printing methods are there?

    Additive Manufacturing, also known as 3D-printing, offers many different production technologies that implement the principle of building up components layer by layer in different ways.
    At Additive Manufacturing Solutions we focus in particular on the powder bed based manufacturing procedure for plastic and metal parts (SLS/MJF/SLM). With these processes, we ensure that the high quality requirements in the automotive sector are met, so that we can guarantee the production of components in original part quality.
    Of course, there are also instances in which it makes sense to use other kinds of technology. For this reason, we always offer our customers a wide variety of other manufacturing techniques. By conducting regular research on the market, we are always in tune with the times and are constantly on the lookout for new manufacturing processes and materials that meet all the necessary quality criteria for specific use cases.

  • What materials are available for manufacturing?

    Metal alloys and silicones are available, as well as a wide range of different polymers (PA12, PA11, PA6, ...), which among other things also meet fire protection requirements.

  • What component sizes can be realised?

    As standard, components with a size of 340 x 340 x 600 mm can be realised. But beyond that, we will also be happy to find suitable solutions for your particular applications, so that you too can quickly realise your desired components and solve procurement problems.

  • What delivery times can be expected?

    With additive manufacturing, components can be produced much faster and more flexibly than with conventional manufacturing methods. On-demand production for small batches and also a batch size of 1 is possible and can be realised at short notice if certain premises are observed within the scope of possibilities. Especially for slow-mover parts, this can reduce the procurement time by up to 80 %.
    It should be noted that the data quality and the complexity of a component always contribute significantly to the overall duration of the throughput process.

Who we are – the team behind AMS

At Additive Manufacturing Solutions (AMS) we have placed the focus on constantly adapting to our dynamic market environment. Using additive manufacturing we have succeeded in creating long-term and sustainable added value and solutions for our company. In recent years, we have dealt with all topics relating to materials, manufacturing processes, quality guidelines and digital transformation in additive manufacturing along the entire value chain.

We have thus made it our mission to make available to you our unique competence in order to jointly solve the current problems of your company. We help you set up your business successfully and sustainably for the future with the help of additive manufacturing.

Thanks to the cooperation with our partner AMS - Additive Manufacturing Solutions Daimler Truck AG and the use of additive manufacturing, we succeeded - despite a tight timeline - in implementing a final product that meets our high quality requirements. The AMS team provided us with competent advice throughout the entire project, in line with their own high quality standards. We were very satisfied from the initial contact, to the project consulting, to the final delivery.

Ben Röhlig

Lead Product Developer Cargo, Bergamont Fahrrad Vertrieb GmbH

Additive manufacturing, in combination with highly targeted part screening, offers us the possibility to identify relevant replacement parts. We will be able to retrieve these from the digital parts warehouse in future, in order to significantly reduce delivery times and storage costs.

Christian Lehner

Head of Customer Service, Carthago Reisemobilbau GmbH

Through our activities in the field of additive manufacturing in recent years, the immense potential of the technology along the entire value chain has become evident step by step. The opportunities for our own business as well as for the customers range from savings potential to new business models. The future belongs to 3D printing technology. We're certain of that!

Ralf Anderhofstadt

Head of the Center of Competence for Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing), Printing Shop & Media at Daimler Buses

For us, 3D printing is the perfect complement to the existing business model.
Thanks to this technology there arise great possibilities both in terms of the availability of components for the customer and in regard to production, but also with a view to leaner processes and avoidance of costs.

Bernd Mack

Head of Customer Services & Parts (CSP) at Daimler Buses

I am really enthusiastic about this technology. It is customer-friendly because the desired products, e.g. spare parts, are available much more rapidly – and the customer gets exactly what they need. It is sustainable because it is possible to produce on-demand: less packaging material, smaller warehouse areas, fewer production rejects! And this makes it economical, both for our customers and for us too. In short: we've accumulated a lot of positive experiences with 3D printing and have built up a lot of knowledge, so now we're keen to share that.

Till Oberwörder

Head of the Daimler Buses Division

It was indeed fascinating to participate in a workshop on additive manufacturing together with the colleagues from the Daimler Buses Center of Competence. With regards to the technology, the key benefits I noted are the highly flexible production quantities, the high speed and great quality of production, and the possibility to reuse any powder left over from the previous production cycle leading to virtually no waste. I believe there is immense untapped potential for companies to reduce storage expenses, shipping costs, and time to market through the use of additive manufacturing on carefully selected parts, and I am very happy to be part of the team that explores these potentials for DTAG in the Middle East and North Africa region.

Alexandru Matei

Head of Business Development Customer Services Daimler Trucks - Daimler Commercial Vehicles MENA FZE

We have been a long-standing partner and supplier of Daimler Buses in the field of plastics deep-drawing. We are very pleased that we can drive forward industrial 3D printing with Additive Manufacturing Solutions and continue to support Daimler Buses as a strategic partner. Firstly, industrial 3D printing optimally complements our existing portfolio and secondly, it positions us ideally for the future with this exciting technology in all its facets.

Elmar Mack

Managing Director of Mack Kunststofftechnik GmbH & Co. KG

Through effective and customized establishment in our operational and system structure, industrial additive manufacturing helps us to provide selected spare and series parts in a short time.

Armin Schädler

Technical Manager / After Sales, Erwin Hymer Group SE

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